Two Double O Eight

2007 has not been a great year for Madmoseille Diya. With disappointments kicking her ass from every direction imaginable, she feels the world has been quite a depressing place to live in.

Ofcourse, it’s not as thought nothing good has come out of the year. Some fantastic shots with a very battery-inefficient 2.0 megapixel camera, some decent articles published in Rising Stars, reguvenation of her ‘artistic’ instincts, a smashing birthday bash – oh okay, not such a bad year. It could’ve been better, but regrets are only for losers.

2008 is an important year holding a promising everything. The elections (Diya is finally an enlisted voter, woohoo!), the completion of her A’level examinations around July, an addition to the family with the baby being born, new governments and whatnot – it’s going to be a year to remind and remember.

May light shine upon the beating heart
The angels whisper prayers
The mighty oceans not shed another tear
Hope restored and promises kept

From the cry of children to their selfless smiles
The weapons of war firing death
Starvation and corpses, naked on the murky grounds
Let new beginnings take everything away

Definitely not my finest work. Oh, well. Whatever.

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