A Man With A Camera


When we stepped inside the 3-storey DRIK interior, my colleague and I were equally excited and frightened. Shahidul Alam – the director of DRIK and world-class photographer – eased us into his world with modesty and natural friendliness.

“Photography, like any other profession or obsession, is all about sticking to the dream,” said the smiling Mr. Alam. “Anyone can do it as long as he/she remains excited and committed enough to it!”

It seemed we were being eased into a story. Anyone, without the slightest interest in photography would somehow still be drawn to this conversation. We talked about photography from a matter of a simple interest to the planning of a challenging career.

“It’s an exciting world out there. Everyone has some way or the other of conveying a message. With photos, the message is more powerful and real.”

What we planned was going to be a short report for RS ended up being a thought-provoking, learning experience.

To read full interview, copy the URL given below:

Photo Credit: Mainuddin/DRIK

  1. #1 by Kamrul Hasan on September 1, 2008 - 10:42 pm

    Congratulations diya! I wish i could meet him in person …

    – Kamrul

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