Music Mantra for Your Valentine

Amidst the shades of red, heart-shaped candies and fluttering lovebirds; Valentine Day is incomplete without the best love ballads humming a warm fuzzy feeling into you. Moldy Peaches’ “Anyone But You” is a cute number to begin the day with, guaranteed to bring a smile on both your faces. “Piazza, New York Catcher” from Belle & Sebastian is an engaging storytelling track with too many ideas crammed in one piece. Follow up these with “Days Go By” from Dirty Vegas and John Denver’s “Annie’s Song”. The modern ballad written by Robert Smith for his fiancé, “Love Song” is a romantic milestone from The Cure released in 1989.

Sun and rain have always been a musician’s favourite romantic metaphors; and Tim McGraw’s “She’s My Kind of Rain” is another addition to the list. A similar subtle sweetness is carried off by Ronan Keating’s “When You Say Nothing At All”, a much loved number that topped UK Charts in 1999. “Kiss Me” by Sixpence None the Richer is a Grammy-nominated sensuous sing-along that can be coupled with the beating number about crushes, “You Really Got Me Now” from the Kinks.  If you’re planning to propose to someone this Valentine, “The Suffering” from Coheed and Cambria is a lyrically perfect song, where a guy asks a girl to marry him.

“November Rain” by Guns N’ Roses follows the short story of love and life through death and the funeral of the bride. The classics “I’ll Be There For You” by Bon Jovi talks about giving love another chance, while “Please Forgive Me” by Bryan Adams is a musical depiction of evergreen love.

Our local countdown of the best loved songs about love kickstarts with Ornob’s “Tomar Jonno” from his second solo album, and secured 3rd position amongst top 100 songs of 2007. Follow it up with Aurthohin’s “Amar Proticchobi” and “Tumi”, which are soft, melo tracks about being around and there your loved one. “Mone Pore” from Warfaze is a classic reminiscing the times shared by two people in love.

One of my personal favourites would be Artcell’s “Tomake”, a unique blues-and-fusion number with guitars beautifully complimenting Ershad’s lyrics. Pair it with “Amar Shathe Aye” by Cryptic Fate, a down-to-earth, simple track about finding and following love. Yaatri’s “Ei Ki Beshi Na” is a lyrically sensuous masterpiece about two people with love and being alive being the only things common between them. It discovers how people can be complete opposites, and yet, shares a feeling that is unparallel to anything else.

“Diin Gelo” and “Esho Brishti Namai” are both chart toppers from Habib. Spice it up with Shironamhiin’s “Hashimukh” (from their album Jahajee) which has a street-like feel to it. “Tero Nodi Shaat Shomuddoor” is an upbeat number by James, or more commonly known as ‘Guru’. With an easy-flowing guitar solo, this one uses sea, sun, rain and elements of nature as metaphors to chase love beyond borders.

To sum it up, love is the focus of the majority of musical numbers, both popular and unpopular ones, across the globe. Compiling a list of the best is nearly impossible. Each piece deals with different agenda and sharing the same feeling of receiving, remembering and returning love. Let this Valentine celebrate that love we feel everyday!

Special thanks to everyone who sent in their picks for best love songs. God loves you all.

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