Zekho (Zero) Observations

1. The number of street dogs (neri kutta) in Dhaka has decreased significantly. When Jamuna Bridge was being built by the Korean developers, it was reported that the number of dogs in that area was decreasing rapidly. Greedy Bangalis were just picking up random dogs from the street and selling it to the Koreans. Good money.

2. All my ex-boyfriends used the same cellphone when we were dating. It’s a Nokia 1600. Nokia should be excited.

3. DJuice offers are being used up by people who don’t need it.

4. 99.3% of the people don’t read things completely. They only read the words which are bold or enlarged and pretend they have the entire thing figured out.

5. I have tiny hands and tiny feet. Apparently, it makes me “pretty”.

6. I am a kinky chic.

7. Most boys in my school have “pudgy” and movable butts. Out of 20 boys that we “observed”, only one had a nice butt. The remaining were either too big or too small, and “seemed” like they were composed of 100% fats.

8. Women are emotionally addicted to the person they shared their first kiss with.

9. The librarian of MM is a hermaphrodite.

10. People pick up fights because they have no one to talk to. Fighting is a social expression and friendly interaction.

11. Bitching is a way of expressing your anger. Men bitch more than women.

12. Men try to channel their inferior complexities, frustrations and vulnerabilities through anger.

13. I’m very bored now.

  1. #1 by Donald on March 9, 2008 - 9:01 am

    haha good post!

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