An Angel Is Searching For Directions

She sits away from the crowd
Ignored, almost hidden behind the shades
Laughter of dreamy lovers
Sound of cocktail parties
Saxophones humming to an ’80s jazz
Float in the summer breeze.

She listens to the loud cackling voices
Her ears ringing to the grammophone
Watching the dreamers, newlyweds
The drunken tradesman, drinking away;
Old sailors, dancing maids,
Singing into the night.

Her velvety eyes, however
Quickly shift places,
Looking for a sign,
A glimmer of gold
Hidden treasure beneath the excitement.

Sleepy skies, blaze with firework
Lighting up the now crowded streets,
The street lamps to lifeless,
Waters reflecting off
Crystal streams
Like the treasure chest revealed.

She sees it at that instant,
A beautiful thing, forgotten and forlorn,
Sinking into the darkness
Gazing upon the night skies.

The velvet eyes follow it around,
A subtle smile at the corner of her lips,
Suddenly, a flash of green,
Velvet eyes meet his green.

  1. #1 by Zabir hasan on May 31, 2008 - 3:41 pm

    For you only one word.. “speechless”

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