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Mundane Obsessions, Part II


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Dreamers Come, Dreamers Die

I cannot dream
I cannot fly,
I’ve only watched
The summer sunshine cry,
I’m too much of
A lonesome night.

I feel, I feel
Things are so unreal,
True faces concealed;

I see, I see
Tomorrow’s ain’t no mystery,
An imperfect agony,

I’m too much of
A dreamer tonight.

They say dreamers come
But dreamers die,
They live their lives
In a truthful lie,
I’ve come a long way,
Oh what a surprise!

Once upon a midsummer’s night
She let go of me,
Of memories and old times,
I wished to break, I wanted to cry
Held onto a dreamer’s fight.

I feel, I feel
Things you don’t see are real,
Sweetheart, be still
Time will come, it’s no big deal.

I see, I see
Yesterday’s a reverie,
Dust-laden dusky streets,
I’m still standing on my feet.

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She sits at a corner
Sips her coffee,
A morning too dusty
Endless traffic.
I watch her, mesmerized
Her strange dimple smile
Gets me caught up,
In an allusion, messy.

Moments go, moment come
Little children, choir songs;
She doesn’t move, keeps me high
I’ve seen an angel, I cannot deny.

Have I found answers
To a broken heart,
Soul searching reveries
Haunt me not,
Is she something,
I will not leave
Watch her smiling
For eternities.

Her lips so red,
Untouched velvet;
Hidden glances
What a treasure unveiled.

Is she the one
I’ve been waiting for,
Sleepless nights,
Got their meanings after all.

Moments lost, truthful pain
My eyes get stuck
To what she’s playing with her nails,
She wasn’t mine
She was already taken,
The man so lucky
To have her all to himself.

Cupid’s dead, searching soul
My eyes are caught
On the diamond stone,
Did she come too soon
Or was I too late,
An ordinary story,
Little to be said.

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Puppy Love

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Shoes Don’t Fit You

Some of us are meant to be
Some of us aren’t,
Some of us are cool
Some are flamboyant.

Some pick their noses
The others do with their ears,
Some bite their nails
While the rest play with tears.

Some of us like to dream
Some are slouching at corporates,
Some are obstinate and bitter
Some cannot live without glitters.

Some of us are superstitious
While some believe in fate,
Some just shrug it off
The rest red mark the dates.

Acid punk or soft jazz,
Take your pick, this is the right crap.
A Capella bass or alternative rock
Tap your fingers, unfold your socks.

Untie the laces, strap that ego
Look around, you’ll find none different from you.
Check right, glance left
Look down, are you wearing your shoes?

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Sorrow Is Her Soulmate

Everyone’s packing their bags
Last kisses, farewell blasts
Surreal candlelight,
Flickering moments,
Gone too fast.

Wake up to another morning
Crumpled bedsheets
Dead petals, empty bottles
Muffled perfume,
His smell won’t last.

She sits at a corner
Watching them pass
Giggles to echoes of laughter
A flashback of impulsive lust,
Some things are meant to be in your past.

Buses don’t stop, suburbean sun shades
She kicks at pebbles, dusty roadside cafes;
Dusk falls on a Sahara mirage
She won’t leave, she won’t give up.

Another cheap motel room,
A pint of booze to soak her covet,
Crushed paper, wrinkled pillows
She cries herself to sleep.
Sorrow is her only soulmate,
Playing violins to her unkempt desires.



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