Closest To Heaven

I remember the summers we laughed
The winters we cried,
How we gazed into the starless skies;
Flying unicorns, magical elves,
Tooth fairies and spirits casting spells.

You walked me into the fire
Showed me to light,
“Smile, my pretty angel!”
You would whisper to me
At the dead of the night.

Under the drizzling moonlight,
I remember you looking into my eyes,
Your fingers smothering my hair,
Like velvet at the touch of a merchant’s might.

“Do you love me?”
You asked me more than twice.
I had no answer,
For I didn’t know what love was
In all those times.

Now that you’re gone,
I still feel your warmth;
Somewhere deep inside

It was all love
So late I realised.

Longing for your touch,
The bliss we shared
Those countless times.

Those walks under the grey rain,
You soul playing hollow notes,
Our dream, oh! How we cried!

Ice-creams and butterflies, they float
You’d tell me.
While the winds blew us
Into a careless flight.

You believed in magic,
I didn’t.
Miracles happened to you,
You imagined of beautiful goddesses
That resembled me in your eyes.
You taught me to giggle
Like diamonds dug out from the darkest mines.

I didn’t believe in heavens,
Cloud no. 9 or flattering colours,
Sleepless nights – I long for you to be alive.

Your trembling kisses,
Is the closest to heaven
I’ll ever get in this life.

  1. #1 by Cendrine Marrouat on July 7, 2008 - 12:08 pm

    Wow! Need I say more? 😉

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