Walls Grow Wings

Broken windows
Tinted glasses
Lights fade away into a distant noise.

Grey walls
Breathing, but suffocating;
This ain’t gonna be another midsummer night.

Falling pieces,
Unmatched edges,
Empty bottles
Sleeping pills never lie.

Broken dreams chase me around
Nightmares have slowed down,
Can a sniff of smack
Save me from losing what I’m all about.

A few friendly faces
Winged memories
Demons have found home,
For another night.

Flying into a never world
I see you,
Strangest reveries,
Catch up to me,
You’re somewhere underneath
My wrinkled skin.

These walls have grown wings.

A blissful second,
No one’s crying,
Frowned eyebrows,
Ain’t piercing me throughout.

I can see me,
And smiling;
A rush of adrenaline
Soaks me down.

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