Shoes Don’t Fit You

Some of us are meant to be
Some of us aren’t,
Some of us are cool
Some are flamboyant.

Some pick their noses
The others do with their ears,
Some bite their nails
While the rest play with tears.

Some of us like to dream
Some are slouching at corporates,
Some are obstinate and bitter
Some cannot live without glitters.

Some of us are superstitious
While some believe in fate,
Some just shrug it off
The rest red mark the dates.

Acid punk or soft jazz,
Take your pick, this is the right crap.
A Capella bass or alternative rock
Tap your fingers, unfold your socks.

Untie the laces, strap that ego
Look around, you’ll find none different from you.
Check right, glance left
Look down, are you wearing your shoes?

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