She sits at a corner
Sips her coffee,
A morning too dusty
Endless traffic.
I watch her, mesmerized
Her strange dimple smile
Gets me caught up,
In an allusion, messy.

Moments go, moment come
Little children, choir songs;
She doesn’t move, keeps me high
I’ve seen an angel, I cannot deny.

Have I found answers
To a broken heart,
Soul searching reveries
Haunt me not,
Is she something,
I will not leave
Watch her smiling
For eternities.

Her lips so red,
Untouched velvet;
Hidden glances
What a treasure unveiled.

Is she the one
I’ve been waiting for,
Sleepless nights,
Got their meanings after all.

Moments lost, truthful pain
My eyes get stuck
To what she’s playing with her nails,
She wasn’t mine
She was already taken,
The man so lucky
To have her all to himself.

Cupid’s dead, searching soul
My eyes are caught
On the diamond stone,
Did she come too soon
Or was I too late,
An ordinary story,
Little to be said.

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