Boxes of You

You will not cry,
You will not give,
You will not fight,
But you have to live.

This is life,
Don’t mix with fools,
This is no playground
Back from high school.

Society’s norms,
Career binds,
Two faced acquaintances
Diplomatic smiles.

Throw those dreams
Meaningless expectations,
A bottle of empty hopes,
Crude emotions.

Look down,
Don’t reach high,
Keep your eyes closed,
Your hands tied.

The little girl
Bids farewell to her knight,
Armoured princess,
Better left alone to fight.

He is a man,
Born to be an identity,
Fiddling with his flute,
Insensitive reality.

People will know you for what you did
Not who you are,
A moment to shine,
To be a star.

Sooner or later
You will realize,
I was wrong,
You were right.

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