To Be Me Is The Hardest Thing To Be

They tell me I’m stupid,
Somewhat immature,
A lovesick dreamer,
Left to be cured.

I’m not some rocket scientist,
Born to heal the world;
Wasn’t meant to an engineer,
Unfolding laws untold.

I like laughing,
To the smell of autumn breeze,
My skies are dawning goddesses,
Their lustrous colours, for me to tease.

I spent half my morning,
Listening to my breathing,
Obsessive narcissism,
Arrogant, but soothing.

Towering corporate,
A cornered cubicle,
The perfect 4.0 MBA,
Can’t ever fill my soul.

They call me helpless,
Nothing to be made in life,
I’d get beaten down,
Shredded by the reality knife.

Silly me, I don’t care more
I am unwilling to settle for less,
To be me is what I want to be,
Not wearing someone else’s face.

You can crush my dreams,
Or play with hope,
You can’t steal my spirit,
I treat it like dope.

Try me, you will fail
I won’t turn into something fake,
Throw me in a dungeon of brutality,
I won’t stop, leave me or take.

My moonlit nights,
The lonesome fights,
Gush of wind to rush of blood,
I won’t give up, I will survive.

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