Sultry night,
Silver lining across the blue moonlight,
Her perfectly balanced features;
A golden hue,
Pronouncing remnant’s of Ra’s might.

You see, moments like these
Don’t come in a lifetime,
They come once in a while,
Many a times, their magic ephemeral,
The epiphany of a blissful sight.

The skies have a way of being cruel,
Heartless, intreptid,
Basking in self-proclaimed immortality;
A condescending reminder
Sent out to mere mortals
Who’re nothing but dots to thee.

What is it to live for years,
A decaying body, disparaging serendipity? 
Dubious thou, to the meaning of being,
Yet so fadcinated, tireless reasoning.

The epitaph reads
“Born to this date
Died too soon,
Here lies the insignificant man
Swallowed by phantasms,
Of eternal gluttony.”

There are similar others
In the lush green grounds,
A feast for the worms,
As Satan prepares for their souls,
Mistaken in being, to be profound.

Sunken dusklight,
Another moonless night,
The dreamsayer gazes above the heights,
Lustful desires, a desparation too familiar.
A time too short,
A dope to living eyes.

Her beauty for eternity,
Your existence, notorious brevity,
Another reminder, blaring lights;
This is not your moment,
Only fragments of time.

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