Education Is Not Business: A Support Towards Protests at NSU

Over the past couple of days, my inbox, homepage and blog has been flooded with the news. The rise of NSU students against fees’ hike is the talk of the town. Innumerable videos being posted, TV channels continuously reporting and students with some morals supporting the causes. A genuine plight is being answered to, and it’s about time you stand up for it as well.

The injustice done by North South University – one of the leading private universities in the country – authorities towards their students is not unknown to most of us. Fees were (nearly) doubled; and when peacefully protested earlier, were reduced to normal ranges for existing students and different for those getting admitted into the upcoming semester. Although promised, during course advising, existing students were charged with raised fees and thus, brew the current activities. My friend eloquently explains why NSU students stood against their authorities, and I don’t want to repeat.

This note was written in support of protests against a breach of contract between NSU authorities and their respective students. However, this note is also in disfavour of the injustices and poor standards maintained at many private universities and institutions across Bangladesh. How their money looting business cuts off talented students, how fees are charged for no apparent reasons, how academic standards are not maintained and how promises are broken.

What NSU students have successfully proven is that injustices are not tolerated and bad things have a price. They have also successfully shown the world that the power of unity against any wrongdoing supersede all forces. What is even more remarkable is how they have collected evidences for their protests and gathered a humongous response to their cause. Many TV channels and local dailies have aired or published misleading information, and these very evidences have overridden everything else.

There is a school of thought that private university students are dull, inactive and filthy rich. That they take everything in the flow and do not have the guts or interest in voicing against social issues. NSU students’ stance has proved that belief wrong, and reestablished the fact that WE can rise against a genuine infringement and remain united and adamant through it.

The small part that each of us can play is spread the news. Support their cause, write about their plight and be informed. This is not only a fight for NSU students’ rights; but also a fight against the pervading injustices in our education system.

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