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Not Just Yet

You were tiny. Your round dark eyes were like two drops of coffee on milk, your hair was a forgotten forest of night, and you were perfect. I couldn’t believe my eyes, my thoughts. How could I own something like you? How could you be mine?

You made me promise I would never let you go. I would never let you grow old. My very existence was about protecting you. When you were riding unicorns or stealing heart, I would guard your castle of dreams, shield you from the horrors of reality. I lay my life to do it.

In return, you kept me alive.

When I was crying myself to sleep, you would crawl inside me and whisper stories from the strangest lands. When I was tired, you would show how to fly. In pain, you were joy. In age, you were youth. You became my shelter, my place to hide – and all I had to do was ensure no one could steal you away from me.

I’m sorry I let somebody do that. I can still feel little parts of you. Your round dark eyes are staring back at me, almost in disbelief. I’m sorry I let you down. I am trying to hold on, I am trying to remember. You’re the very core of my being, and I am lost without you. You’re the only one who can save me from the monotony, from being somebody else. Let me protect you, one last time. I’m not ready to lose you, not just yet.


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