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Some Dreams Should Never Die


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I have been waiting for this day for a long time. Floating little paper boats of dreams. Being in Dhaka in winter means you don’t get much water. Our only option was Dhanmondi Lake (because we both live close to it) and so we decided to pile up all our enthusiasm on a sunny November morning to float boats. We sat there for 30 minutes, making the coloured things and in the course of time, attracted a lot of attention. It’s not every morning one sees a doctor in a white apron and a little green chic, folding papers at the lake side and laughing like maniacs. It was wonderful!

Soon, the boats were ready to set sailing. We also got a couple of picchis (who were taking their morning bath) and they were over excited to help us out. Due to their over excitement, we lost two of our soldiers from the fleet, but the rest set sailing. We soon realized that floating boats wasn’t as easy as it looked on TV. They sunk, we lost some to the floating chips packets and finally got the white-thing (I forgot what those are called) to use as a buoy. We placed them on the buoy and our picchi comrades took the initiative of swimming mid lake to float them.

And there they were, our paper boats of dreams, floating in the middle of the lake.

I am glad I have Zabir by my side. I don’t think anyone else would be thrilled enough to join me on my strange journeys of life; to fulfill the strangest fantasies! Thank you for being exactly who you are! =)

Now, that’s one thing off my list of ‘101 Things I Do Before I Die‘.


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rambling 102

I admit. I have become lethargic. The kind where I want to be a couch potato and hope by some groundbreaking miracle, everything in my life will fall into places. I hate this. It’s the wrong time and wrong place to be like this. Hah. Whoever said ‘phases’ come in the right time? If they were right, they wouldn’t be ‘phases’. They’d be good memories to laugh along with.

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rambling 101

Sometimes, when I have nothing better to do, I scratch my head. In those times, I wonder why God didn’t give me a beard. Then I could’ve scratched it instead and pretended to be cool. Apparently, stubbles and beards make people koolth.



Phase 02

word: thash thush

mood: apathetic

food: chicken fry

The Fray – “How To Save A Life”
Eiffel 65 – “I’m Blue”
Nickelback – “Far Away”
Ornob – “Chai”


almost at the end of exams, career dilemma, selective interaction

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Phase 01

word: whatever

mood: pissed off

The Wallflowers – “Into the Mystic”
Ornob – “Lukiye”

food: cocola chocolate wafer rolls

A2 exam conditions. stressed out, worried and disinterested.

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