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100 Smiles in Chittagong (via The 1° Initiative Blog)

I have always been deeply moved by the initiatives and strength of my generation and those that follow. The fact that they are conscious enough to begin a movement, to reflect upon their choices and make sacrifices – however small it may seem – is amazing and this, like every other bit of good work, is another reflection where love and happiness breaks all boundaries to create a better world.

100 Smiles in Chittagong by Sadia Sehrish IslamClass XIWilliam Carey Academy September 2, 2011 Have you ever imagined how different your Eid would be, if you were a child living on the streets? Just the very thought makes us shudder and yet so many Eids pass by without us thinking about the thousands of children living on the streets of Bangladesh. On a bright Saturday morning, a group of enthusiastic youngsters gathered in front of KFC, giving up their Saturday morning … Read More

via The 1° Initiative Blog


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